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Believe in yourself and the world will believe in you. – InspirEmerge

We all had enormous trust in our own ability at some point in time. Probably when we were kids we wanted to be an astronaut, star celebrity, pilot, successful sportsman, doctor, model or a champion businessman.

Then we went to the real world and our ability got tested. Sooner we sensed it has no value. It got a massive beating in the real world. That broke our trust down and tore our heart apart

I strongly believe, before you go ahead in the world and try out anything, first fix your attitude towards your own self.

I believe it is very important to understand every time you are knocked down, instead of doubting yourself you should think; this is an important chapter which is necessary to go through in order to be successful.

Same way as to score highest marks in any examination you need to be the master of the entire module.

No matter how big or small your dreams are. Your dreams can only be accomplished when you believe in your dream.

This is important! You can only believe in your dream when you believe in yourself.

Any intensity of self-doubt whether low or high will never let you get mentally prepared for the bigger things in life.

To realize your dream, develop an attitude to first believe in yourself and rest everything will fall in line.

Workable Hacks That Can Make You Believe In Yourself

1.  Surround Yourself In The Company of Believers

This could be entirely a personal choice who you want to get associated with and who you want to get disassociated with. However, this makes a great deal of difference in your life.

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You would agree to this, whenever you have been in the company of people who sees opportunity in every threat and possibilities in every setback. You feel elated. Even a tiring long day suddenly becomes more energetic and more fulfilling. Such company makes you believe more in your dream and you it makes you more creative and useful.

Likewise, when you are trapped in the bunch loose talkers, short sighted and shady people you feel you are drained. You tend to lose enthusiasm and passion. Above all, you lose focus from your dream.


I am sure now you know why InspirEmerge advocates so strongly to be in the company of believers.


2. Be The Initiator


Don’t wait for that world changing idea to walk up to you. Instead, grab every opportunity that comes your way and make it a bridge to reach your dream.

Be the master initiator and have a have a firm belief. This will take you too far than you could ever imagine in the wildest of your dream.


3. Embrace Your Thoughts

Like everything else our thoughts too are not always the same. At some point in time, you might feel very positive about everything on the other you might feel contemptuous even about the most promising things.

This is the time when you need to pay more attention to your thoughts and instead of taking major decisions it’s better to embrace your thoughts and try to understand the reason behind its strange behavior.

You can only be successful in understanding your thoughts by being friendly with your thoughts that is by embracing it.

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4. Remember 86,400 Rule

86,400 rule applies in every dimension of your life. Every living being in this world is blessed with this 86,400 by nature. There has never been any discrimination in allocating this greatest resource by nature.

The early you understand the value of this greatest gift the sooner you will be the champion of your own life.

86,400 is the number of seconds in 24 hours that nature has gifted all of us with. One who respects it and values it. They are the one who gets the maximum reward.

Therefore, never waste you this greatest blessing by doing something that is not aligned towards your dream.

Neither waste it by doing something that makes you unhappy, sad and miserable.


Find your true calling and believe in yourself and soon your dream will be realized.


5. Stay Connected To Your Soul

That part of your life when everything is rosier and prettier we often get lost in the illusion of our success.

However, this is the most appropriate time to get connected to your true self. Try to just pay attention to the inner you and listen what it has to say.

Though you will get many conflicting questions, but if you pay little more attention you will learn it has some of the most valuable direction for you.

It will tell you why on the first place you have reached to the heights you are right now. What it meant for you know you were virtually no one.

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Not only this it will also introduce you to your own reality and what exactly life means to you.

This will for sure make you more thoughtful and strategic and moving forward with great conviction and have greater belief in yourself and your goals.

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