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World food day is observed on October 16, every year.  This is to honor the Food & Agriculture Organization of the UN which was founded in 1945.


The vision of this organization is to facilitate food to every life on the planet. The planet has been crying with the pain of the unnatural death of young innocent children and adults for decades because of malnourishment and hunger.


2017 is the year of prominence for the world food day as the theme for this year is “Change the future of migration. Invest in food security and rural development”


815 million people worldwide are hungry that is over 11% of the global population.


Let’s dig deeper this world food day to resolve the problem of eliminating hunger in our own right.


World food day & undernourished



815 million people of the world’s population consume less than the recommended 2,100 calories on daily basis. That’s roughly 11.3% of the world’s population. Majority of them goes to bed without food.



World food day & inadequate nutrition



As per the 2010 UN report, 7.6 million children died because of the inadequate nutrition. This comes to 20,000 deaths per day of the innocent children.




Adequate nutrition to every individual a pledge on world food day

Dream to provide adequate nutrition to every individual - InspirEmerge
Dream to provide adequate nutrition to every individual – InspirEmerge


UN secretary-general Ban Ki-Moon launched the Zero Hunger Challenge, in 2012. The dream of the Zero Hunger Challenge is to provide adequate nutrition to every individual.




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World food day & the murder of innocence



Underdeveloped countries are largely affected by the hunger as 98% of world hunger exists in the underdeveloped countries. In these countries, only one out of 15 children see life above the age of five.





World food day & the top performing countries

Top countries that reduced the hunger rate - InspirEmerge
Top countries that reduced the hunger rate – InspirEmerge


UN has reported top ten countries that have achieved substantial success in reducing hunger. These countries are Venezuela, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Cuba, Georgia, Grenadines, Thailand, Armenia, Ghana and Kuwait




If you’re worried about contributing to eliminate hunger from the world, it’s important to understand the reason behind the world hunger and where you can make your contribution.

Typically, it’s going to be 1 of 2 reasons. Either they were compelled by climate change or they were compelled by the immigration distress.

Assuming you’re already making the contribution towards eliminating hunger that’s compelling enough, the question then becomes, “How can your contribution encourage people to share your thoughts?”

Well, they can start by looking up to you as their hero. Whose one of the life goal is to eliminate world hunger in its own right.

Appealing to a social group is definitely going to help increase your influence to counter world hunger.

But you can go beyond that. Recognize that offering value via contests and competition is one of the easiest ways to ensure that your social group has a reason to share your common dream of eliminating world hunger.

If you’re really feeling ambitious, learn to combine the idea of eliminating the world hunger and contests to end up with a campaign that’s as unique as it is compelling.

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Make sure that you’re addressing the basics cause of world hunger by providing your audience with easy-to-follow instructions and information.

Getting people to share your vision to eradicate hunger is 50% the passion you project and 50% the way you promote the idea to eradicate the world hunger.


What’s your favorite method for eliminating hunger?

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