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Money management is not one of those skills for which you have to enroll yourself to a fancy B-School. You can have the mastery over this skill just by paying attention to your inner self. InspirEmerge will walk you through the journey.

By far money is the most important possession to have in the present world. And under no compulsion, the importance of money could be challenged.

I have been advocating the beauty of money since my childhood. The reason for my love for money has one too many personal stories of hardships, embarrassments, and pain for not having enough in my wallet, when in need.

However, the question is how much money can actually make us happy? Or, how much money can quench all our wants?

This is a million dollar question! That demands a tailored answer. As each one of us has unique story, experience, and life goals thus our expectations from life are also unique. So does the need for money.


Let’s take a quick quiz with InspirEmerge

The purpose of this exercise is to check how much money can make us happy.

After going through the entire exercise you will have a great insight about yourself, your blessings and of course the money management skills for which you are here primarily.

This exercise will entice you to postpone your immediate craving for things that in reality doesn’t make any difference in the quality of life that you are going to live.

This will grab your attention more towards your inner self rather than just getting lost in the world of illusion, pain, and sufferings.

I guarantee after reading the complete article you will be a different person, who you always wanted to be. To be precise you will be the “true you.”

All I am trying to do here is to remove some dust which over the years has covered your true self and made you distant from your own reality.

Money management is nothing but to put your resources to work more efficiently in your favor. This could only be achieved when you know what you are really looking for? Or, what your life goals are?


Let’s start with the exercise 

Read each of these characters mentioned below and then decide for yourself how much money you need.

I can bet! Your perception for money will change for good. Greed will settle down and rationale will take the lead in your life.


InspirEmerge believes these four characters can teach you the best money management skills.

First – Your That Rich Friend

  1. Your B-school buddy, who you virtually adopted during college days. Who you helped to pass all his exams including the dozen back logs, by burning your midnight oil every trimester. The one who used to virtually snatch money from your wallet and never return to impress some of his most happening girls around.
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Drives in the newly launched Jaguar with his deadly armed security packed in the white Range Rover, ready to take countless lives if needed.

Came to give you the good news that he is now in the national politics and all set to fight the next general election.


Second – Your Drinking Partner

  1. One of your drinking partner who always lost control almost every Saturday night. The one who you had to drive back home. Informed you that the venture he has started just received the funding of $30 Million from one the top rated venture capitalist from Silicon Valley. And he is dating one of the hottest newcomers from Bollywood.


Money Management Pause With InspirEmerge

Now, we will take a pause before moving on. What similarities did you find in both the characters and your life?

Don’t we all have friends, relatives, colleagues or people around us who are doing better than us at some point in time? (Not always)

By seeing the wonderful success of the people around, and the possessions they have if you think of setting your personal financial goals. This would be the disaster of the life time. Trust me this is a mistake all of us make. If not always then at least once in a while we do this.

It’s still considered to make such mistake while buying a Rs. 200 deodorant. You get tempted by the steamy advertisements and think that is for real.  You dream that all those beautiful things will happen to you as well, that appeared in the commercial.

You make the purchase and nothing of that sort happens to you. However, by the time you are about to finish your bottle of deodorant. There comes another brand new commercial, more promising, more eye rolling and desire to provoke. Again, you make the purchase! Nothing happens this time too.

Good things will happen in life for sure but not because of that deodorant you just bought and went down Rs. 200.

This example applies everywhere. Therefore, to be the best at money management you should first know yourself, know your immediate financial needs and your long-term financial goals.


InspirEmerge Wants You To Learn Money Management From Real Life Heroes

Third-Security Guard

  1. One of the security guard at your apartment with who you often use to share a smile with, and a soft hi.

For the first time in many years, he happens to stop you to have a conversation and handed over a marriage invitation card.

It’s his daughters’ marriage. She is the eldest of the eight children.  You could feel the accomplishment in his eyes. He shared how difficult it was to find a right groom for his daughter who is 13. He shared that it took him years to save for the marriage.

Now, he is all set to pay Rs. 51,000 as dowry and another Rs. 1,00,000 for gifts and marriage celebration.

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When enquired you found that for years he has been doing a 12-hour shift for six days in a week and has to do a one 24 hours shift every week.

He is happy that now his salary had increased to Rs. 8,000 a month. It’s quite easy for him to maintain a family of 10 people with this salary now.  He shares with a grin that he can save more now for the education and marriage of his other kids.


Fourth-Your Regular Vegetable Hawker

  1. Your vegetable hawker who you always put pressure to give you freebies of green chili and coriander leaf without fail even when you buy one kg of potato for Rs. 10.

He tells you this evening while shopping for vegetables that he bought a piece of land in his village.

He goes on to share his purpose of buying the land. First, it’s the matter of pride for him and his ancestors that he could buy a piece of land in his village. He wants to cultivate that land and build a small shop at the front where he wants to set-up a small restaurant.

Out of curiosity when you asked if he is buying by taking a loan from some financial institution? He smiled and replied which financial institution will lend to a vegetable hawker who earns less than Rs. 150 a day.

His answer made a lot of sense. He shared that over the years he was saving with a dream to buy land in his village and he is happy that he made it. He spent Rs. 75,000 to buy that piece of land much below his budget.


Do The Money Management Math With InspirEmerge

This money management math has the power to take your heart out and introduce you to your very own soul.

To start with we will take the last two examples that we discussed above. The first example we will see the security guard and next of the generous vegetable hawker.


Security Guard earns Rs. 267 a day

We now know that the security guard earns an average of Rs. 8,000 a month for minimum12 hour’s shift, seven days a week.

So, technically your security guard earns Rs. 267 a day.


Achievement: Fixed the marriage of his 13 years old daughter gifted Rs. 51,000 of dowry. And spent over Rs. 1,00,000 for the marriage celebration and gifts.

Please don’t be the urban educated fool to question the child marriage and explode it on the so called social media, without taking any pain to understand the circumstances. It’s wise here to see the real thing. See the brilliant money management skills this gentleman has.


Vegetable Hawker earns Rs. 150 per day

Your vegetable hawker earns on an average of Rs. 150 a day after working for almost 20 hours a day 7 days a week.

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He supports his family of over 8 to 10 people other than supporting you with free green chilies’ and coriander leaf.


InspirEmerge wants you to see the real thing! His Achievement:

He bought a land for Rs. 75,000. This is an appreciating asset. Means its value will increase over the period of time and can be encased in various ways from cultivation to renting.

Probably this is cheaper than your iPhone Red! One you are so proud of and for sure which is going to make you feel terrible when the new model launches.

If you think I am not making sense here please do comment below!


Facts To consider from InspirEmerge Before You Start With Your Money Management Today

  • People who earn more than Rs. 32 in a day, doesn’t fall below the poverty line in India.

That means anyone who earns more than Rs. 32 in a day is not poor!!!!!!


  • Over 836 million people live in extreme poverty worldwide.
  • Every one in five people lives in extreme poverty in developing world.
  • Majority of people live in less than $1.25 (< Rs. 80) a day in southern Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.
  • One in four children under the age of 5 worldwide has inadequate height because of malnourishment.
  • Every day more than 42,000 have to abandon their home worldwide to seek social security.

InspirEmerge Wants To Leave You With These Questions Today

If you have read the entire article, you may have already asked yourself these questions however, I would like to make it easier for you, by asking it again.


  1. How much did you just paid for your last cigarette?
  2. How many times did you use those app based cab services who claim to be the dirt cheap but in reality they made your pocket bleed with their surge pricing?
  3. How about that Saturday night? How much did you swipe for?
  4. How much did your KFC visit cost you last time?
  5. How much did that gift cost you, which you recently bought for your brand new date?


InspirEmerge is sure that now you are ready to take on thoughtful money management discipline that will come straight from your soul.

If not then please share your comment or write us at and we will share the excel sheet that you can use, to begin with your money management today! This is absolutely free.

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