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How Is Jack Ma Inspirational? This is one of the most searched questions on Google about Jack Ma, the inspirational CEO of Alibaba.

Here at InspirEmerge, we will answer this question for once and all. You will find Jack Ma very inspirational. Jack Ma is known to the world for his venture “Alibaba.” The e-commerce giant has crafted a brand new industry altogether with its phenomenal success.

Jack Ma is the inspiration behind the genesis of Alibaba. Today Alibaba – the e-commerce giant is virtually present worldwide and changed the way of doing business for millions of its customers, partners, and competitors.

But what we probably don’t know about Jack Ma is his multiple failures at different fronts and his extraordinary ability to deal with all his rejections which made him what he is today.

You would be shocked to know that this super successful CEO was once going from pillar to post to find a job. When KFC entered China Jack Ma was the only applicant whose job application was rejected by the KFC.

Harvard has rejected the application of Jack Ma over 10 times. He did odd jobs to make his ends meet. He went on to teach English and that’s when his romance with the internet began and the rest is history.

Probably by now, you know how is Jack Ma inspirational? He is an inspiration to millions of people worldwide. The inspirational story of Jack Ma teaches us that life doesn’t end at any of our failures. We should keep trying till the time we are satisfied with our achievement and keep on enjoying the journey.

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The success story of Jack Ma gives us a perfect lesson of perseverance. It teaches us a great lesson that you should persist until you succeed. He applied over 10 times to Harvard. This is phenomenal in itself.

Learningsfrom Jack Ma – The inspirational leader behind Alibaba

Can you imagine the kind of heartache one gets after just one rejection? This legend had so many and think of a situation when he got rejected from KFC. This would have been the end of the world for most of us. We would have taken this rejection very personally and would have made an opinion about our self that if we cannot even get hired by a food joint then there is no question of applying to the Harvard. But Jack Ma kept on moving from adversities to adversities by keeping his head held high and dreaming big.

If he would have got depressed by his rejections and lost faith in himself, he would not have been covered my InspirEmerge either, neither you would have shown interest reading this till the end.

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