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The inspirational story of WhatsApp founders has many lessons to teach all of us. Each one of us has issues in our life,  but the only couple of us know exactly how to deal with our own issues. The inspirational journey of these two gentlemen will make us think for ourselves more diligently.

“It’s not about falling or failing in life. It’s about failing and then getting up and carrying on.”

Nothing is impossible in this world. Only you have to keep a positive attitude.

This we should learn from the life of BRIAN ACTON and JAN KOUM. The Co-Founders of WhatsApp, one of the most popular app.

It was not easy for them to develop such an amazing app and become billionaires. They too had lots of problems in their life. Both were not from a wealthy family.

If we talk about Jan Koum, he lived in a ruler area in Ukraine. They didn’t have electricity and hot water facility being in the country that mostly had the temperature below 0 degrees. He used to stand in the queue to get food stamps. At the age of 16, he cleaned the floor of Grocery Store. He taught himself Computer Networking from used books and later returned those books at the bookstore. He studied Computer Programming from San Jose State University.

These Inspirational founders quit their jobs at Yahoo to build something amazing as WhatsApp

Jan Koum met Brian Acton while working as a security tester at Ernst & Young then both worked at Yahoo for nine years and quit Yahoo together in 2007. They wanted their own dream business but in one year they didn’t get any success, then in 2009 they applied at Facebook and Twitter but got a rejection.

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Like others, if they accepted defeat at that time then we are not using WhatsApp now.

We should never give up. We can do everything if we want to do. Just keep the focus on these three things: learning new things, endurance and the will to do.

After that, an idea came in the mind of Jan while using his iPhone that there should be an app which only requires a phone number for identification as he forgot his Twitter’s password many times. Then both friends started working to create such an app. They incorporated WhatsApp on 4th of Feb 2009 in California on Jan’s birthday.

They sold Whatsapp to Facebook in 2014 for $19 billion and shared Facebook’s stakes.

Imagine this is the company that rejected them once and later it purchased their product and made them shareholders of their company.

People quit their lives after getting rejections but life doesn’t end here. Choose another option. Learn from the rejections. Recognize your abilities and stand again.

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