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The inspirational story of G.M. Rao will make you think for real and forever about possibilities in life. G.M. Rao was born in a small village in India before independence. There was no electricity, no telephone or roads in his village. Poverty was deeply spread all around. As a kid, G.M. Rao had to stand in quo for long hours for his turn to get the monthly government food allowances.

The pain of poverty, illiteracy and poor health was evident all over the village. While there was virtually no effective state machinery to pull out people from their sufferings. There was also a lack of inspiration for people to enjoy life and experience good health and basic education.

For almost 5,000 people living in that village, the biggest challenge was to bring food to the table every day without fail. Since the people were in such a helpless state that it was almost impossible to think beyond meeting the basic necessities. There was no motivation for people to look beyond their much-needed duties.

The Inspirational Story of G.M. Rao the founder and chairman of GMR group have the power to inspire you instantly

There was a young boy who was secretly dreaming big. He was ambitious, passionate very positive towards life and a great dreamer. His dream was to be a businessman and build a very nice house where he can live with his loved once happily.

His attitude towards life was fabulous. Furthermore, from a fairly young age, he believed in positive thinking. He took every setback as an opportunity to learn and grow. He took every shortcoming as an important step to reach the goal.

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Most of all this young boy went on to become the poster boy of Indian infrastructure industry and widely known as G.M. Rao – the founder and chairman of GMR group.

GMR group became widely known after building the Delhi international airport. As it became one of the best airports in the world. In addition today, GMR group is worth billions of dollars in valuation.

G.M. Rao is a true inspiration for millions of people around the world who dreams fearlessly without giving importance to their current circumstances. It absolutely doesn’t matter where you start, what matters is “where you want to go.”

The circumstances are external and absolutely are not under your control. Therefore, you should never think of something which you cannot do anything of. However, what matters is to work for things that are under your control. One of the most important things in achieving your dream is to believe in yourself and subsequently work towards that, even when you are knocked down badly.

The inspirational story of G.M. Rao would not have been soo inspirational if he would not have tasted many rejections before tasting the success

G.M. Rao tasted the success after many rejections, embarrassment, pain, sufferings and multiple failures. Most of all every other day we read about some school or college student committing suicide because he or she has failed in some exam. Imagine if G.M. Rao who too failed in his school exam would have committed suicide. Today, we would not have had the GMR group. Neither would we have had a billion dollar contribution to the economy or thousands of jobs to the people working at GMR group.

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Probably you have found your dream by now, therefore protect it and work towards achieving it failures will come rejections will come things will go against you but keep trying soon you will realise your dream. If you did not find your dream, keep looking. Moreover look inside yourself. Look at the things that you enjoy doing the most likely someday you will find it. That will be your achievement and your journey of self-discovery will unfold.

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