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Focus is that single thing; if you have it, your success is guaranteed.  To be successful you need to be focused in every dimension of your life. The highest level of focus can only be achieved when you are involved with your work. Though the involvement with work can only be expected when you do what you love.

However, today the world is gaga about multitasking. People who can multi task are considered as the hero. But in reality, muti-tasking is a very myopic approach. For sure you can get the work done quickly by multitasking but that doesn’t ensure the quality, neither does it guarantee the consistency.

Rather than trying your hand with virtually anything and everything that crosses your path, try being the master of your own craft to emerge as champion.

Being the master of your own craft will not only give you the sense of purpose but it will also revitalize you. You will find yourself at a different level of the mental state. The achievement of your each goal will give you the sense of fulfillment and your life, in turn, will become spiritual with a higher purpose.


To achieve the highest level of focus try doing these 3 things


  1. Delay your action

As they say, there is no gain without pain. This saying is so profound in our context here. In order to achieve the highest level of focus, you need to lose on work or delay work those are not important. Not-important in the sense that the work those are not well aligned towards your dream.

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Once you start delaying your action towards less important things, after a while, you will find yourself in a better position. The rate of your impulsive decisions will fall. This will not only save your time but will also channelize your energy towards things that really matter to you. Therefore, one day you will find your entire focus is concentrated towards your ultimate goal of life.


  1. Respect Time and Have Patience

Time is the greatest power and patience is the ultimate virtue. If you have respect for these two, surely you will emerge as a leader in whatever you choose to do. Value for time and having patience will keep you focused like a hawk.


  1. Understand You can’t have everything

Be the intense personality. Stay focused towards your ultimate goal. Don’t get distracted by the fancy of life. Nobody has ever got everything in life. A person who thinks that they can be the master of everything has no place in history.

Try to scratch your heart and look for what you are made for. It will take the time to find that. But once you know what would give you the real happiness, you are done! Till then keep looking and don’t settle.

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