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Setting powerful goals – “If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hopes.” —Andrew Carnegie

Setting powerful goals is a constant process and not the destination. You need to ask yourself a countless number of times “what exactly you want.” The issue with the modern impulsive world is that the people don’t know exactly what they are craving for. You cannot be satisfied and lead a fulfilled life unless you know what your goals are.

So today at InspirEmerge we will take you on an amazing journey of carving your dreams into reality. We will help you to set your goals immediately so that you can achieve your greatest dream before you die.

Since, at some point in time, we all found the word “goals” very scary. We often tried to avoid setting powerful goals for ourselves. Therefore, let us keep it short and simple; consider goals as a “to-do list” which has a specific deadline.

As you graduate in life your list of goals can be longer or shorter. You can add more goals to the list or simply can strike off your goals as you advance in your life. The deadlines may not necessarily be today, tomorrow or the next week. Setting powerful goals is a constant life long process.

InspirEmerge brings you the powerful framework to create your own to-do list:


1. Your most significant goals are personal.

It’s extremely important to have your own goals, which comes straight from “your” heart. It cannot come from your parent’s heart. Not your professor’s heart. Not your girlfriend’s heart. When your goals are personal and it comes from your own heart it is meant to be successful.

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2. Your goals must mean everything to you.

When you write down your to-do list, you must pay attention to your heart. Everything that you write down should come out of the greatest passion for which you can bet your life on. This to-do list should give you the greatest reason every morning to wake up without alarm with an extraordinary energy and hustle.


3. Your goals must be measurable and on the spot.

When you are organized you are meant to be successful. You need to write down your to-do list like a pro. Each detail needs to be very specific. Never try to leave wishy-washy statements just because you don’t want to think more or tired. When your goals are measurable and specific it will yield tremendous success.


4. Your goals must have enough room for future opportunities.

The future is uncertain. This uncertainty can be for good. While writing down your goals you must be flexible. This will help you to reap the benefit of future opportunities that can cross your ways. When you left enough room for the future opportunities you can for sure enjoy the maximum benefits.


5. Your goals must challenge your intellect.

You can achieve the greatest success in life only when you are set to move out of your comfort zone. No new experience is ever possible while being protected in your shell. Your goal must be so challenging that it can keep you excited to set new highs for yourself.

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6. Your goals and your values must be in straight line.

Your goals and your values should be friends to achieve more. Therefore, it is very much important to listen to your intuition while preparing your to-do list.


7. Your goals must be proportionate.

Your goals are your priority but after all, you live in a society. Therefore, create enough room for recreational activities, socializing and relaxing. Have enough time for fun, family, and people who matter to you. This will for sure rejuvenate you and pump you with a new exciting energy to achieve more.


8. Your goals must be sensible.

Be ambitious but don’t be ridiculous. If you are a chain smoker, you probably never be the healthiest person in the world. However, you can allow yourself a time, first set yourself a target to quit smoking and then dream to be the healthiest person in the world.


9. Your goals must include gratitude.

Whatever we are today it’s because someone has given us an opportunity at some point in time. And this happens probably every time, every day, every moment. We should always be thankful for the opportunities that we received. Likewise, we should also think of creating different avenues for people in the society. This need be included in setting powerful goals without fail.


This is a very thoughtful process of setting powerful goals and it might take few hours or few weeks. Once, you set this for yourself you will for sure experience the shift in your personality for good.

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