9 More Productive Tips on Decision Making That Can Change Your Life

Productive Tips of all time can make you the best at decisions making and help you change your life forever.

There are numerous leaders who have practiced these 9 more productive tips in their life. This has helped them to be at the top of their games. Let us go ahead and examine each in details.


1.Sometimes “just completing the job” is better than being perfect to be productive

To be more productive you need to be the champion of decision making.  On a day to day basis you need to pay more attention to the deadlines and less to the perfection. Remember once you inculcate the habit of meeting the deadlines, perfection will follow. But when you start over relying on perfection you will often be caught up in a situation with a lot of back logs. This will eventually create stress. In turn, this will eat up your creative energy and will soon leave you in the middle of nowhere.


2. Decide to think out of the box.

You will always have a choice to follow the status quo and replicate the result, which is safe. But for sure is not the option to bring radical innovation to your work. You can only add different colors to your work when you think out of the box. Of course thinking out of the box comes with a cost; sometimes it might go terribly wrong. However, the fear of going wrong should never stop you from being creative.


3. Be a Visionary

Train yourself hard to have a long-term goal. This will make you stay focused to every small step that you take each day. You will know the decisions you are making on a day to day basis is either well aligned to your vision or not. If it’s aligned it’s the time for celebration as you are moving in the right direction towards your dreams. If not then it’s the time to go back to the drawing board and do some serious thinking.

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4. Chart out what, how and why.

Your each action should be purposeful and in line with your goals, to be more productive. Your life will be much smoother when you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve, why you want to achieve and how you are going to achieve. Having answered these questions will lead you to a better state of mind. Knowing what, how and why will make you a better decision maker and you will never find yourself in a decision paralysis as you now know your purpose.


5. To be productive Face your fear.

Fear is the primary reason for the decision paralysis. Try to understand why you are holding back yourself. Is it that you are not well prepared or capable? It’s absolutely fine to be not prepared. You can still start with what you know. Take the baby steps. Once you take the first step, your journey will become easier. Soon you will find upgrading yourself and you will be out of your fear. Remember you can win over fear only by confronting it. Therefore face your fear as soon as you can and be the master of your destiny. You will soon find yourself being super productive


6. Take the decision first and then make it work for you.

When you see an opportunity, act on your instinct and rapidly grab the opportunity first. Once you are part of the game now you can debate on the rules of the game. At worst, what can happen? You will be disqualified, which is absolutely fine. What if you became the champion? Opportunities often don’t knock your door every day. Therefore, be quick in accepting every opportunity that comes your way. Someday you will find your one such quick decision helped you to realize your dreams.

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7. Make the calculated decision.

We are living in a globalized world. Any event in any part of the world can have an impact on your life. It’s smart to break down your crucial decisions into small pieces to minimize the risk of going terribly wrong. Taking calculated decision will make you productive.


8. Never look back and you will be super productive.

When Alexander used to go for invasion, he always used to burn the ship after reaching the foreign land. This was to give his soldiers a profound message that there is no option to look back. Winning is the only option. This is one of the reasons why Alexander became the greatest emperor of the world. When you make a decision give yourself every reason to make it the best and come out as a winner.


9. Focus on the bigger picture.

Remember Steve Jobs? Apart from everything else do you remember that he was always seen in the same outfits? This was because Jobs was so immersed in his work that he never gave much importance to the smaller things in life. We too can train our mind to stay focused on our goals. You can do this by virtually neglecting the smaller decision in your life, which is not in line with your dreams. We also spend a lot of time deciding on food. Therefore, you may also try to make a list of foods that you are going to choose from each day. This will save you a lot of time which you can utilize intelligently to help realize your dreams.

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