5 Life Hacks That’ll Make You Embrace Failure

Failure:  Big shots are the little shots that kept shooting. – Christopher Morley

Failing isn’t final. You have the opportunity to win over till the time you take your penultimate breath. We all have made mistakes in our life and have also failed in some way or another. In reality, failure is just an illusion of the weak mind.

The strong minds accept every setback with open arms. And they are the true believers of the fact that experiences are the true teacher who first takes the exam and later gives the lesson.

However, for the untrained week minds the experience of embarrassment, shame and regret become so powerful that they never allow them to retry differently.


At InspirEmerge we will discuss 5 life hacks that’ll make you embrace failure forever.


  1. Slow Down and Reflect.

When you are the star performer, the adrenaline rush pushes you towards higher and higher goals. You become the self-proclaimed expert on the subject – work, relationship and everything in between.

Okay let me get it correct; you are the world famous expert among the humongous group of 5 friends who you hang out with. And they give you every reason to believe that you are the god of what you know.

Then, one fine day you come out of your comfort zone and the world tells you, who exactly you are? And you are shattered!

This is the right time to sit down and reflect on your real potential. And, what difference you could have done? 5 people liked your attitude, your work culture, your heart or the way you love. That clearly means you have something in you which is admirable. However, you made your comfort zone and resisted any change.

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Now, this is the time to strategize. Remember it’s not that the day you were born people started admiring you for who you are. You had to work consciously or unconsciously to acquire admirable qualities, that is the reason, today you have a list of people who look up to you, for different reasons.

However, somehow you built a wall around yourself with the people of your comfort. And started behaving like a god, if not in reality then at least by your mental behavior. This stopped you from acquiring new skills.

Now, since you faced the road block this is the time to make yourself equipped with new skills and be more thoughtful about who you are and what you wanted to be?


  1. Take The Ownership of Your Failure.

When you take the ownership of your mistake or your failure, it makes virtually n o difference on the damage it has already done. But it makes a great difference on what you are going to do next.  Taking ownership of your failure makes you more responsible individual. Also, you get exposed to the world as somebody who is responsible and has the attitude of a Champion.


  1. Chase Your Passion.

Don’t become Tom chasing the poor cute Jerry for no reason. You’ll find yourself as an over obsessed chaser for no reason. Instead, uncover your real passion which you could enjoy pursuing your entire life. And be satisfied on death bed.


  1. Know Your Friends.

Success brings you to the center stage of attraction. Everything seems to be prettier and nicer, a perfect world, where everybody is your friend. However, failure gives you an opportunity to know, who your real friends are? This is the time when you should start making a list of friends who you would like to invite on your success party and strike out all the other.

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  1. Learn To Respect The 86,400 Rule

86,400 are the seconds that nature has gifted all of us. The one who values it the most gets the most out of it. It’s not the talent, skills, the school you went to or the family you were born on that determines your success. But it’s your time management that makes a makes all the difference.

If you are a subscriber of InspirEmerge you might have come across stories of people who virtually had no blessings that most of us have. However, all of them had one thing common and that is the 86,400 seconds. People who respect their time get ahead of all competition in spite of being at a disadvantageous position.

Therefore, no matter how deep is your failure, still, you have 86,400. Apply the rule, see the magic. Share your experience in the comment box below.

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