3 Inspirational Lessons We Learnt From The Acid Attack Survivor Lalita Bansi This Summer

Lalita Ben Bansi’s story has some key inspirational lessons for our generation. Lalita a wonderful young Indian girl in her early 20’s had faced a brutal acid attack by her monstrous cousin in 2012. It was virtually an end to her life and then something incredible happened! Lalita met with her true self, her own reality. This has changed the course of Lalita’s life and left an inspirational story for the generations to come.

The brutal acid attack back in 2012 left Lalita emotionally and psychologically lifeless. Life came to an end for Lalita. There was no good reason for her to celebrate life and experience the different colours of it. It was a time of great hardship, pain, heartbreak, and heartaches which lasted for too long.

Eventually, Lalita got involved with more self-enquiry and went deeper inside her own soul in order to find her true self. She came out as the winner because too soon Lalita realised that no matter what life goes on and on irrespective of your attitude towards it. This realisation changed the entire attitude of Lalita towards her own life. She became more accepting towards life and the challenges that it throws at every single moment.

When you change your attitude, everything changes. This is soo true in Lalita’s case. Once she became more positive towards life, life started rewarding her with beautiful goodies and compliments. One of the best rewards that came in her way was “Acid Survivors Saahas Foundation.”

Acid Survivors Saahas Foundation (ASSF) is a Mumbai-based NGO that works for the rehabilitation of acid attack victims in India. The foundation has an expertise in dealing with such cases. They have provided Lalita with an excellent counselling and arranged 17 surgeries.

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3 things that we learned from Lalita’s story that was super inspirational


  1. Sometimes shit happens

Lalita’s story taught us that we can only have control over our own life, and we absolutely have no control of others action. Lalita was attacked with acid because she tried to mediate and stop a fight between her two cousins in a wedding. One of her cousins did not like her intervention and went on to teach Lalita a lesson. The lesson was too inhumane and shameful.


  1. Life is beyond the filter-no-filter social media status updates

We are living in an era of social media bubble. The number of likes on a super filtered status update matters more than a genuine hello, with a smile, or an honest appreciation. Instead of making somebody feel good, humanity has reduced down to just a click, right or left? If you know what I mean. Lalita’s story taught us that even today we have honest people on earth, who are genuinely interested in people and not technology.

Lalita’s man came in her life by dialling a wrong number, but definitely, it has connected the right hearts. First, they fell in love with each other for their thought. Eventually, they met and once they graduated in their relationship they decided to marry.


  1. Good Karma gets paid back with a compound interest

Good karma never goes in vain, sooner or later you get rewarded. Lalita found the genuine love of her life, which we all long for at some point in our life and never get it.

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One of the Bollywood artist “Vivek Oberoi” came forward to financially support her entire surgery for life. He was the guest at her wedding and also gifted her a flat in Mumbai. Vivek Oberoi supports such social causes and therefore, Saahas Foundations has invited Mr Oberio.

She was extensively covered in international media after Vivek Oberoi paid a visit and her story inspired many from all over the world. Today, support from all over the world has come to her from social organisations. From her surgeries in the world’s best hospitals to financial supports to job everything is offered to her.

It’s rightly said pain is temporary, have a positive outlook for life, keep on doing good karma and be of service to the man who needs the most. It will all come back to you one day.

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